Based on the idea of establishing a ‘community of creatives’, Envato began their journey in 2006. The company aims to help customers fulfil their creative projects, offering digital content sourcing, access to freelancers and a platform to enhance their own creative skill sets. With the help of over 250 employees from around the world, the Melbourne based company now supports over 5 million global customers.

With the addition of more markets and the growth of the teams around the world, it became apparent that the business needed a better solution to hold online meetings on a larger scale.

In February 2014, Google announced the release of their Google Chromebox for Meetings. At the time, Envato was trialling various online meeting products but had little success. Envato began researching the features and benefits of Google Chromebox for Meetings and saw its potential. Since Envato was already using Google’s other applications, Chromebox was the perfect addition. Envato was one of the first companies in Australia to decide on Google Chromebox for Meetings when they placed their order through Fronde, six months in advance of its release.

The use of Google Chromebox for Meetings meant that the team could now freely communicate with each other as frequently as they needed, without losing valuable time. The integration of the solution with Google Apps for Work saw productivity gains throughout the day-to-day operations of the organisation, and an improved collaborative approach to tasks at hand. Additionally, the new solution enabled better work from home options as it broke down any restrictions for the individual to participate in the day-to-day activities of the business.

“With the cloud based systems we have in place now, Envato now have the capacity to grow from hundreds to thousands." Vahid Ta’eed, IT Director Envato.

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