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15 Feb 2018

Google Search Appliance (GSA) is now expired and can no longer be extended. This has resulted in Fronde having many conversations with customers about Enterprise Search alternatives, and Information Discovery as a high level topic.

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The unexpected link between a SmartHome and building a SmartBusiness

09 May 2017

Are you your household's Chief Digital Officer? Do you help make the major decisions on which technology to purchase for the house? Be it a new dishwasher, automatic garage door, or one of the newer gadgets like ChromeCast, Apple TV, or an Amazon Echo?

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5 Reasons To Avoid Middleware

27 Mar 2017

Are you mad? Isn't every enterprise organisation investing in a middleware product or ESB to enable them to quickly deploy digital changes to their business? Why would I avoid middleware?

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Stop trying to stop a bullet with a bullet

You would think you were dumb if your business strategy was akin to protecting yourself from being shot by shooting incoming bullets out of the air. 14 Mar 2017

This, however, is a legitimate strategy built and deployed by the US military to combat the North Korean nuclear threat. Called an Interceptor, the US has deployed ballistic missiles that are designed to do just this; shoot incoming nuclear missiles out of the air; before they hit their target; "shoot a bullet with a bullet". Or at least that is what they are supposed to do, but in testing, they fail more often than they succeed.

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The Digital Tock-Tick

28 Feb 2017

There is a certain order to things that we all know, but sometimes do not understand. Clocks go tick-tock, not tock-tick; you ‘criss’ before you ‘cross’, not cross-criss; and you must ‘zig’ before you ‘zag’, you can’t zag-zig.

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Fronde interns Cai and Sanche help transform social enterprise 'Make Give Live'

09 Feb 2017

Make Give Live (MGL) is a social enterprise which connects, empowers and enriches the lives of people in their communities who might be struggling with isolation or well-being. MGL was founded by Claire Conza in 2016 and operates similarly to a charity in that its main goal is the betterment of the community. Volunteers get together every week to catch up, have a cuppa, and knit beanies. These beanies get sold to customers on a “buy one, give one” model: for every beanie sold, one is given to a person in need, be they homeless, elderly, or otherwise.

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Digital Transformation Imitates Art

07 Feb 2017

Art and politics chased me over Christmas where business and science left off. Punctuating the end of 2016 with a Christmas holiday I thought I could leave behind thoughts of digital transformation and what it means for business and technology, and their future together. But that didn’t happen. Through my on-demand entertainment provider, I found the TV series Humans. The world full of AI androids performing domestic chores or repetitive tasks at work. (The plot is around some of the robots becoming self-aware).

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Competitive Advantage Through Application Modernisation

14 Oct 2016

Smart organisations are turning traditional thinking on its head, by building a Digital Platform from disruptive technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Inside Fronde's Walls

A sneak peak behind the scenes at Fronde 15 Sep 2016

*“There’s a huge satisfaction in knowing you’ve contributed to something that will make a lasting difference.”

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The Modern Flexi Workplace: Increasing Employee Engagement with Emerging Technology

Increasing Employee Engagement with Emerging Technology 13 Sep 2016

Imagine we live in a world where going to work meant not actually being at work.

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