Fronde Cloud Connect

Reduced bandwidth costs | Consistent network performance | Private and secure 31 Aug 2014

Fronde Direct Connect establishes a dedicated private network connection from your data centre, office or co-location environment to Amazon Web Service’s Australian Infrastructure, reducing network costs, increasing bandwidth throughput, and providing a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.

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Fronde Cloud Workspace Product Brochure

Create a new world of freedom and flexibility in your business with Fronde’s Cloud Workspace. 29 Aug 2014

Want to see a significant reduction in the TCO of your traditional PC desktop application management costs and reallocate CapEx dollars towards innovation? Fronde Cloud Workspace is a next-generation productivity solution. Break free from the shackles of traditional IT and increase collaboration and productivity in your business.

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The Bottom Line. 01 Apr 2014

Corporate Performance Management (CPM) continues to see rapid change due to the emergence of cloud-based CPM players, the use of disclosure management and tax management solutions, the integration of CPM with business intelligence, and the increased demand for performance management from line-of-business sources. Nucleus has evaluated the usability and functionality that end users have received from CPM vendors in the 2014 Corporate Performance Management Technology Value Matrix.

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Amazon Web Services Overview

01 Jan 2014

Managing the unique and groundbreaking changes in both technology and business over the past decade has created an ongoing IT infrastructure challenge for many senior technology executives. Indeed, over the past ten years, the typical business application architecture has evolved from a desktop-centric installation, then to client/server solutions, and now to loosely coupled web services and service-oriented architectures (SOA). Each evolutionary step has built on the previous one while adding new challenges, dimensions, and opportunities for IT departments and their business partners. Recently, virtualization has become a widely accepted way to reduce operating costs and increase the reliability of enterprise IT. In addition, grid computing makes a completely new class of analytics, data crunching, and business intelligence tasks possible that were previously cost and time prohibitive. Along with these technology changes, the speed of innovation and unprecedented acceleration in the introduction of new products has fundamentally changed the way markets work. Along with the wide acceptance of software as a service (SaaS) offerings, these changes have paved the way for the latest IT infrastructure challenge: cloud computing.

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