Fronde’s team of industry experts understand the challenges of the software development life cycle, including the scarcity and cost of quality resources. Through our development and test environment services, infrastructure can be ramped up quickly, easily, and cost effectively; allowing teams to develop, test, and deliver as and when needed.

With over 20 years’ experience in technology, Fronde brings the best advice coupled with extensive software development, provisioning, automation, security and management experience required to move development and test environments into the cloud.

The key advantages of running dev/test environment in the cloud are:

    • Low cost, pay-as-you-go infrastructure
    • Fast provisioning
    • Time-based execution (i.e. shutting down servers overnight saves instance costs)
    • Can mimic complex architectures at low cost leading to earlier discovery of issues (e.g. failover environments, clusters, etc. that are often not represented in development or test environments).

To turn these native advantages into meaningful benefits for your business we provides a number of tailored services:

    • Secure environment creation based on best practice.
    • Cost monitoring and optimisation. Scripting to bootstrap environments quickly.
    • Strategic and technical advice.
    • Snapshot/backup management. Monitoring.

We understand the differences between cloud and private data centres and can help customers bypass typical stumbling blocks transitioning to a cloud hosted dev/test environment.