Get manufacturing business process support which spans the full production cycle, right through to invoicing.

For export-orientated firms in Australia and New Zealand, cost-effectiveness isn't the main factor in remaining competitive. It's about creating innovative, smart products which provide value to end-users. This means innovating from all corners of the manufacturing process - including the IT systems that you run your business with.

Operations Liberation is about using a single cloud system to bring together the entire manufacturing process - inventory management with dynamic replenishment, production planning, warehouse management, financial accounting and costing, customer and partner relationship management, and ecommerce.

You get a single view of the business, allowing you to control the key processes that enable you to compete more effectively under market pressures.

Fronde can make this happen in your organisation with NetSuite for Manufacturers - a complete cloud platform designed to run an entire business, from financials to all aspects of manufacturing resource planning (MRP).

Fronde can guide you through the comprehensive NetSuite for Manufacturers platform based on what’s right for your business. Whether you are a true manufacturer, an assemble-to-order business, or a distributor with manufacturing requirements, NetSuite can be configured to suit your needs. 

  • Lean Manufacturing & MRP: Manage your production schedules, inventory, capacity and customer satisfaction levels more effectively, dynamically and profitably.
  • Procurement, Inventory and Fulfilment Management: Complete capabilities including demand planning, unified supply chain management, purchasing and vendor management as well as procure to pay processes.
  • Shipping Integration and Logistics: Integrated shipping and order fulfilment to tackle the difficulties of managing multiple channels, partial ship and drop-shipping requirements, and dynamic order volumes.
  • Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting: Built-in instant dashboards, reporting and analysis across ERP, CRM, manufacturing and ecommerce.
  • Ecommerce for Manufacturing: Leverage the Web to grow your business rapidly and more cost-effectively while providing an intuitive and streamlined experience to customers and partners.

The core NetSuite financials platform is built into the solution, with the option to add NetSuite OneWorld - perfect for exporters looking to set up a base overseas without all the IT overheads.

  • NetSuite Financials: Comprehensive accounting capabilities that fast-tracks your financial close, provides robust invoicing and expense management, and simplifies order and revenue management.
  • NetSuite OneWorld: Gain real-time, global business management and financial consolidation for multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.

Manufacturing Needs > NetSuite Advantage

  • Work Orders > Readily manage production work orders, with continuous stock monitoring for automated reordering and PO creation 
  • Assembly Management > Tie assemblies with work orders, allowing multi-level assemblies to be built at once or one level at a time
  • Production / Demand Planning > Single system improves forecast accuracy and responsiveness, helping ensure stock availability 
  • Production Engineering > Ensure changes propagate efficiently and intelligently, reflecting in downstream deliverables, plans, and inventories 
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) > Establish multi-level bills of materials (BOMs), closely coupled with both assemblies and work orders 
  • Inventory Control > Real-time inventory management, including maintenance, valuation, planning, setting of item policies inc. MRP
  • Shop Floor Control > Get real-time status updates and seamless data capture to help track, manage, and optimise sales cycles. 
  • Cost Allocation > Ability to track a single unit of cost with as many as eight sub-components of cost
  • Shipping Management > Integration with leading international and Australasian shipping providers with FreightOne
  • Product History Tracking > Maintain a complete history for each product assembly and kit throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Lot and Serial Control > Full traceability through purchasing receipts, inventory, shop floor control, and sales order fulfilment functions
  • Multi-Division and Multi-site > Manage as a centralised or decentralised engineering and purchasing operation
  • Project Control > Track, plan, cost and purchase to a customer-specific contract
  • Financials and budgeting > Real-time financials - no batch processing
  • Aftermarket support > Case management and RMAs

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Fronde is the highest accredited NetSuite partner in Australasia, and NetSuite SRP users ourselves. We've also created the FreightOne app for manufacturers using NetSuite in Australia in New Zealand.

From initial assessment through to delivery and ongoing support, we can guide you through NetSuite’s extensive feature set.

  • NetSuite 5-Star Partner, Solution Provider, SuiteCloud Developer, SuiteCommerce Advanced Partner
  • Over 200 NetSuite implementations means our team has deep expertise in NetSuite
  • Fast - we can scope, implement, and deploy a single cloud solution in as little as three months.
  • Experience in people, process and technology to drive the success of your deployment.
  • Proven in organisations as diverse as Australia Institute of Management, SkincareStore and more.
  • Adaptive Insights partner - a leading financial planning and forecasting tool which can integrate with NetSuite.